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CMII Application Workshop on Nov 17 2017

At Philips Lighting Eindhoven NL - Theme "The CMII Fast-Track Change Process in Practice" - more info under "EVENTS"

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Process harmonization based on CMII

CMII as process framework for Swiss-based startup

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More than 50 public courses per year plus on-site trainings


CMII/IPE Courses

CMII/IPE Courses teach how to achieve integrated process excellence with the CMII Model. Courses are offered online, onsite, or in public locations.


CMII/IPE White Papers

CMII/IPE White Papers give insight into how integrated process excellence can be achieved in any organization.


CMII/IPE Certification

Three types of CMII/IPE Certifications: People, Software tools and Organizations.



Annual CMII/IPE Application Workshop in Europe for networking and sharing experiences.

Latest News

Course Schedule for 2018 published

  • July 25 - 2017

All course dates for 2018 are now published for your convenience and early registration.

Course locations for public courses are:

  • Kenilworth, UK
  • Hoofddorp (Amsterdam), NL
  • Eindhoven, NL

CMII Application Workshop on Nov 17, 2017

  • May 09 - 2017

Due to requests of our customers we will start organizing local European "CMII Application Workshops" instead of CMII Conferences. For 2017 the "CMII Application Workshop" in the English language is planned for Nov 17, 2017 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Additional date for CMII-07/-08 in the Netherlands

  • February 03 - 2017

From Nov 13-16, 2017 courses CMII-07/-08 will be offered in Eindhoven (Netherlands) in the English language to get CMII Advanced certification in 2017.

White Paper CMII and EIA 649 published

  • December 22 - 2016

New White Paper "How CMII Achieves the Requirements of the ANSI/EIA-649B Standard for CM" is available for Download.

CMII - Configuration Management

CMII is an enhanced and modernized version of Configuration Management that helps to reduce product development and product change cycle times by improving the quality of requirements. In our CMII Trainings (Configuration management trainings) students will get best practices, roles, workflows and templates for out-of-the-box usage in any project. 

With better requirements rework, corrective action, recalls etc. will be minimized - the organization will reach "Integrated Process Excellence" level.

Benefits of Using CMII

  • Profit Increase thru Cost Avoidance

    One focus of the CMII/IPE Standard is on minimizing/avoiding corrective action. By reducing corrective action, unnecessary costs will be avoided leading to increased profit and/or increased room for investment.

  • More room for creativity thru less rework

    Most organizations spend more than 50% of resources on intervention fixing problems. If corrective action declines real improvements will go up.

  • Reduced Lead Time of Changes

    Lead time for changes will be reduced dramatically by using the unique "fast-track" capability of the Closed-Loop CMII change process. More changes can be implemented in the same period than before.

  • Competitive Advantage thru Shorter Development Cycles

    Products will be released into the market earlier by using CMII/IPE principles in product development - with better quality and less failure that today.

  • Unique and Identical Training Program World-Wide

    All CMII/IPE Courses are offered world-wide with identical content and detailed how-to's no other training program offers. Course attendees will reach the same level of know-how - world-wide.


CMII/IPE Courses